Friday, December 03, 2010


I do a lot of driving around for my job and this particular Monday was no exception. I had ended my day at the Health Department in Clinton when my wife texted me that Dad (Big Papaw) had killed a deer and needed my help dragging and loading it.  Since it was buck only season I texted back asking his location not only needing to know where to go but I was also curious as to where he had found this buck. She replied that he was home.........This is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination but you are more likely to see a three legged dog in my Dad's neighborhood then a antlered deer. If you are wondering why Big Papaw needs help, it is due to emphysema which has dogged him for years and makes dragging deer a long way rough.  My father fears that his days hunting in the hills my be limited by his inability to breath. By the time I got to his house I saw him in the field behind his house on his Polaris four wheeler heading in. I jumped the fence and met him half way. he had a rope around the back rack of the ATV and around the bucks antlers. After loading it into the back of the truck he explained how he had seen the buck in the swampy thicket and dropped it with a neck shot. The slug from his 12 gauge tore through the deer's neck essentially breaking it and immediately killing it.  He was able to back the four wheeler right up to the deer, making it possible for him to retrieve the deer himself.  The picture makes the Buck look like a 4 pointer but the main beam was broke off on both sides from fighting during the rut . I guessed that it had forked making it a 6 pointer most likely. The deer weighed  85lbs field dressed and is schedule to become summer sausage. It was a great day for Dad since he had proven that even as his health fails him he can still get out and be a successful hunter. I thank God for these moments of happiness.

Here is a picture of the deer my friend Big Ron killed this year.....I'd say he thanked God as well. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, November 19, 2010

8-point for dinner

In my area I am known for being a meat hunter.  Most hunter's in my area shoot bucks for a trophy and many know I don't buy meat but only eat wild game (because it is free).  So it was not out of the ordinary when a guy called me to offer me the deer he had shot that morning if I came and got it.  I left immediately and made my way to the fairly nice and very large house the guy had shot the deer from. After sawing the skull cap and antlers off (it was an eight pointer).   The trophy hunter and I threw the deer in the back of my truck . Even though he had Field dressed the dear it still weighed over 120 pounds and was still bleeding. I thanked him and headed to my old friend Little Ray's single wide (you guessed it... he is big) to cut it up. I went to Ray's because I live in a subdivision and most of my neighbors are so far removed from life, the real world, and self sufficiency that they are offended by a carcass even while they eat a hamburger. They will watch people on T.V. have affairs and abuse each other but heaven forbid if someone cuts up their own meat. with nothing but a pocket knife and a hatchet we had the deer cut into back straps, inner tenderloin, shoulders , and neck in fifteen minutes. Sadly the trophy hunter had shot the deer right through both hams (think ass) and ruined most of the meat back there but I was still happy with the meat I got for free. Ray and I said our goodbyes and planned to get together after we had downed a few more deer to grind some burger. As I drove off I thought to my self, "the circle of life continues, trophy hunter kills deer for wall mount and my family gets dinner". I have never understood trophy hunting but I am thankful for it, not only do I get a lot of free meat from these people but they pay for a lot of the conservation efforts in my state. I think everyone should kill the animal that they are going to eat at least once in their life to earn the right to eat it.  It makes you appreciate the meal more when the death of the animal is real to you. I doubt people would waste food the way they do if they had to get their hands dirty to get it. Your pal the Evirocapitalist.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

That water is evil!!!!!!

First, I must disclose that I am a Methodist so it is ok for me to talk about them.  I was in my office one day when a call came in to test the water at the Moore's Gap United Methodist Church. I of course jumped at the opportunity to fellowship with my fellow Christians, so I grabbed a sample bottle, a lighter, and some hand sanitizer and sped to the church.  I knew why they were worried about the well water as soon as I pulled up, the church is less than a 1/2 mile from the Chestnut Ridge Landfill (think dump).  I took the sample and sent it to the lab. The next day Bobby from the State Lab called me and said the sample had E. Coli in it along with a lot of other not so good for you organisms. I immediately called the contact number I had for the church to warn them.  A kindly older lady answered the phone and after explaining who I was and that the water was unsafe she started to question me. "Can we wash dishes with it?" ......"No Ma'am"........."Can we wash our hands with it?"........No, definitely not"......."Can we use it to wash the towels?"........then I said  " NO, DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT IF YOU CAN HELP IT." This finally drove the point home and I got off the phone. The next day my supervisor called me to let me know that I shouldn't scare little old ladies....Turns out, she had already looked at it.

PS: Turns out all of the wells we tested in this area ended up contaminated due to the landfill, so city water was ran to the people of Moore's Gap with grant money, all because the people at that little church were worried enough about their water to have it tested. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

One cold night.

I am sure we all have friends that seem larger than life, I seem to have several.  Big Ron has been my pal since I was five and saying he is a rugged outdoorsman would be like saying Michael Jordan is a basketball player. The first time I realized Ron was not normal was on a frigid weekend which we were planning on meeting up with some of our friends from UPS in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area to do a little exploring and camping.  We had drove up separate so he was already on the scene when I arrived.  It tickled me when I got out of my Ford Ranger and realized that Ron and I prepared similarly while the troop we had met up with seemed to have brought everything but their houses with them. I have met sultan's who travel with less. I have to admit though that I enjoyed all the goodies these fellows had and a lot of it was for the enjoyment of their wives whom had come with them (my wife doesn't do winter camping).  As the night wound down the crowd retired to there tents while I climbed into the back of my truck which I had put an old twin mattress in. Before getting into my sleeping bag I peered out into the desolate camp to see Ron with his blanket laying on the ground next to the fire. I said " hey Ron why don't you get in here with me." without even rolling over he replied "that little bed is to short, I be alright by the fire." I shot back." suit yourself, but it is going to get down in the twenties tonight.  In his defense my wife says I am horrible to share a bed with (you know because of the snoring and groping). I awoke the next morning with a cold nose which was the only part of me sticking out of the sleeping bag. I peaked out the back of the truck and found four inches of snow on the ground and to my horror I saw a lump where Ron was. I sprung from the truck without even dressing and shook Ron thinking he had froze to death. He said " What the hell are you doing" I stuttered " snowed" Ron shot back " you don't think I know it snowed, I slept in it last night." I returned to my truck embarrassed and thinking who sleeps in the snow.........Big Ron that's who". Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bald River Falls

I have spent many days working near the small East Tennessee town of Tellico. It is beautiful and the door way to the Cherokee National Forest. So on a nice fall day I took the family on a little trip.

About nine miles from Tellico up River Road we visited Bald River Falls, a striking falls that is mere yards from the road.

As usual I was in awe of God's creation

The Boy, Baby Girl, and I made our way to the falls so that the picture would have perspective. The falls were truly awesome and the pool at the bottom would be ideal for swimming.

My children enjoy the adventure as much as I do, as we scramble down the steep hill and anticipate seeing the falls that we can hear roaring.

On the drive home  thankfulness washed over me. I was blessed with a day comprised of the two most precious gifts God has given me, my family and nature. We all should be so lucky to have a faithful wife, wonderful kids, and Mountains within driving distance. Your pal the ENVIROCAPITALIST.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hootin Hollow

This is the view from the bottom of Hootin Hollow. This mile long trek led me down next to Norris Lake and back up to the Norris Dam State Park's campsite. I saw 3 squirrels, 2 deer, and some odd people in the campground (who might be worth a post of their own). I was able to walk the trail in less than hour even though I stopped several times to take in the surroundings.  I am trying to take advantage of every opportunity to get outdoors, we all should. I pledge to never pass an opportunity to explore new territory, Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grey water is common

It is illegal to run any waste water on top of the ground, even washing machines. In the biz we call water from sinks, showers, and washing machines grey water. It is much more common to find grey water pipes than black water (think toilet). Below are some pictures I took today of a small plastic grey water pipe sticking out of a bank along the road. Notice the erosion the waste water has caused. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is that a sewage pipe or are you just glad to see me?

A nice stroll down a unnamed stream near a unnamed establishment, ( on going investigation so I can't name names) led me to this stunning but all to familiar sight .  A straight pipe discharging into a stream, I don't understand how I can find 40 - 60 of these a year for the last ten years and it never seems to slow down. I will send the land owner a notice of violation, if they remove it in 30 days there is no penalty even though the pipe was galvanized and weathered (obviously old). State law only allows me to take them to court if they do not comply with the notice and even then it is only a class C misdemeanor. When I an not analyzing soil or engineering septic systems I look for stuff like this. I will be posting more pictures in the future so more people might get the idea of what is actually going on. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hard to Explain

I have a good job, I take water samples and analyze soil to determine its percolation rate. I stop people from running their waste water into the ground water and streams. But I also issue permits or don't issue permits and this causes people do you say.......H A T E me with a burning white hot passion. I have been cussed and threatened because I had to break the news to someone that they could not install a septic system in a crawdad hole infested flood plain.  I know that it is part of the job so I haven't let it bother me, I am just doing my job.  The Division I work for is funded through fees attached to these permits. In the past the fee someone would pay for a septic permit funded all of our other programs which protects the ground water. Recently the economy has went in the pooper and no one is building houses or buying permits. To adjust to the lack of funds we have reduced our workforce in third and increased the fees to $500. So now people hate my guts for the state charging them twice as much for a permit during hard times. Everyone thinks working for the government is easy but until they have walked in my shoes they have no idea, no one should have to put up with people threatening them but now one has sympathy for a "government worker". It is hard to explain why I keep working for the state but after seeing what I have seen the last 10 years  (straight pipes into creeks) I have a lot of work left to do. I choose to stick it out with TDEC.....hopefully new leadership in Nashville will be positive. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Memory found!

I cleaned out the garage today, and with some of my books and maps I found a piece of paper with March 10th 2007-Big Ridge State Park- The boy and I written at the top. The following is what was written:
      The boy and I set out from the park's playground to hike to Meditation point. It was 60 degrees with a slight breeze and overcast. Even though the 1/2 mile hike was up hill the boy walked the entire way which was impressive almost a month before his fourth birthday.  We whispered and walked quietly in order to see more wildlife being careful of the numerous Virginia Pine littering the forest floor (they had succumbed to the appetite of the Southern Pine Beetle.) After reaching the covered bench at the summit of the ridge, we sat and listened to the loud voices of hikers on Lake Trail below us.  This was disturbing to the boy and he definitely did not want to proceed in the direction of the people stomping through the woods. The boy asked me if there were bad things in the woods. I reassured him that the mall was far more dangerous.

      Resuming our travel we left the trail for a short time (I know we are not supposed to but we were having fun) to try to  catch a peek of a gray squirrel we had heard but could not see as our view was obstructed by a dead fall. While we never made the squirrel, several turkey scratches were noted in the thick leaf litter.  We retraced out steps back down the ridge with the company of a hairy wood pecker who flitted about in the hardwood trees that were scattered about in this primarily pine forest.  Even though the forest was barren since most of the evergreens were dead and the deciduous trees had not leafed out yet, the views of Big Ridge Lake and its small dam were memorable.  The views were lost on the boy who busied himself collecting leaves and examining sticks. Which tickled me since he usually did not like to git his hands dirty. I think the natural instinct is in him for the outdoors.

     As we exited the woods, we made a left and walked down to the shore of the lake. I sat on a bench and watched the boy throw rocks in the water, scattering Water Walkers and overflowing my heart.  After thirty minutes of this simple but enjoyable diversion a light rain sent us back to our truck. However, before we could leave the parking lot, we were already planning the next great father and son adventure.

I stood in the garage in awe of the blessings in my life and all God has given me. A familiar voice shook me from my daydream, it was the boy who is now a seven year old second grader.  "Hey dad I finished cleaning the top of the deep freeze, will you throw me the ball please" he said with his baseball bat on his shoulder. I said " my pleasure son" and spent Saturday in the yard with my son. Your pal the happiest man on earth.......I mean the Envirocapitalist.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God does not care who is president as much as he cares who you are!

I ran across the email below and I have taken out all of the sentences about Barack Obama. This made me think that if we (I mean Christians) looked in the mirror and truly dedicate our self to living a righteous life always giving glory to God and being kind to all people, How obvious our presidents faith is would be less important.  I mean if he could prove to everyone he believes in Christ he would still be spending to much money in my opinion.  I think that after I stripped the political statements  from this email, it conveys a powerful message to followers of the Way.  The email before cheapened God by using him to take pot shots at a politician.  If we Christians lived our faith, so many people wouldn't think they need government to fix their problems. They would realize only God has the answers. I am still going to vote but I will never confuse politics with faith.....Jesus never did.
                                                        Edited Email
"We try to keep God in church on Sunday morning....Maybe, Sunday night...And,

the unlikely event of a midweek service. We do like to have Him around
during sickness....And, of course, at funerals. However, we don't have
time, or room, for Him during work or play...Because.. That's the part of
our lives we think... We can, and should, handle on our own. Sometimes I am
not sure most Christians really believe in God. If we lived every moment of
every day with God as our focus and quit worrying about politics and what
other people are doing we would probably make a bigger difference in the
world. The next time the urge to tell someone that they need to change their
ways hits just be kind to them and pray for them and let them know that you
love them. And when people ask why you are in such a good mood tell them
about Jesus. Believe in the bible and miracles. Wear your faith on your
sleeve so when people think of Christians they think of you not the
judgmental people from a church they attended once or the televangelists
asking for money. We are getting a bad wrap as Christians today because of
hypocrisy. This makes how we behave more important, don’t be ashamed, and if
you do not know how to act just read the New Testament. Jesus was a great
ambassador and we can be too."  Unknown Author.

May God forgive me for ever thinking That There is a time or place

where HE is not to be FIRST in my life. We should always have time to

remember all HE has done for us. AMEN

I hope whoever wrote the email does not mind me editing it. I agree we should empty Washington through the voters box, but because they spend more money than they take in, not because of religious beliefs. The government can not stop Christian values unless Christians forget them.
Live as though the world is watching!

Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real Fake Survival

I don't want to call out any individual shows on T.V. but the "Survival" shows on T.V. are so fake and full of bad information.  I believe they border on dangerous since the average couch potato watching doesn't know anything about the wilderness and will believe you can do some of the silly stuff these people do. I saw a couple of guys improvise a climbing system and then repel to find their way out. Which is fine with hidden backup safety gear(hidden from sight), a full staff, camera crew, and emergency communication devices.  I realize that they are trying to entertain but they should have a disclaimer. It should say " for entertainment purposes only do not confuse anything you are about to see with real world solutions to being lost in the wild. Just wondered if the shows made anyone else laugh. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Theif caught on film

Had a visitor to the salt lick just after midnight. It was a bandit and he was obviously on the run. I like Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) when they are no where near my house. This one acted like it was being followed, it was funny. Hope you enjoy the photo, your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Monday, July 05, 2010


"...Who cannot be bought;
... Whose word is their bond;
...Who put character above wealth;
...Who are larger than their vocations;
... Who do not hesitate to take chances;
... Who will not lose their identity in a crowd;
...Who will be as honest in small things as in great things;
...Whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires;
...Who will not say or do it because everybody else does it;
...Who are true to their friends through good report and evil report, in adversity as well as in prosperity;
...Who do not believe that shrewdness and cunning are the best qualities for winning success;
...Who are not ashamed to stand for the truth when it is unpopular;
...Who can say NO with emphasis, although the rest of the world say YES.
GOD, make me this kind of man."
-Leonard Wagner

We don't seem to aspire to be this type of men in our society anymore.....but we need to.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Photo credit
I have come to the conclusion that one of the hardest things for a person to do is to truly forgive someone who has wronged them and is not genuinely repentant.  Usually the forgiveness is not appreciated or even needed by the unrepentant but is actually needed by the injured person. If one can forgive they can let go of the anger that continues to damage them. Man does not have the forgiveness that the sinner needs only God does. So having the strength to forgive is really a blessing for the person doing the forgiving. I wish it were as easy to forgive as it is to know you should forgive but the heart is a powerful organ with a mind of its own.  I see so many people I know in pain inflicted by loved ones, that I pray that all those out there needing forgiveness make it easier for those needing to forgive. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Abby's words

If you have time follow this link( and read some of the words of a 16 year old who has become the focus of the lets blame someone media.  She is wise beyond her years and living life the way that makes most of us jealous. At 35 year old and trained in many areas I am not sure I am her equal. I hope society (and our nanny state) doesn't try and squash the adventurers out their. We need them to inspire us before we lose our souls to dependency and fear. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Why kraut the hard way?

You might ask why a man would want to grow cabbage, pick it , then let it ferment for 2 months when he can buy sour kraut relatively cheap at the store. My answer is because I can. I have always gotten real enjoyment from fulfilling my own needs and not depending on others. The same reason that drives me to skin a deer, quarter it, debone everything north of the hams, cut steaks, grind burger, package tenderloin and neck roasts, only to prepare it into meals for my family. It is easier to buy from the store but I don't think the easy way is always the best way,  I am connected to my food and it helps me and my children understand life and death better. I think people live to much in the safe confines of the prepackaged lifestyle of today and it robs them of their ability to depend upon themselves and make logical conclusions about the world around them ( think Disney propaganda). so go make something yourself today even if it is just scratch biscuits so you can stand tall and say to the world " I have fed myself and I could survive on my own". well that may be taking it to far but you know what I mean.....Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland and a parents place.

I have had several people ask me what I think about the Sunderland's letting their 16 year old daughter sail around the world in a boat alone. My response shocked most. I do not want anyone telling me how to raise my family so I do not see any reason why I should place my views on the Sunderlands.  I do not believe I would ever allow my children to do something like that alone however I think we should allow people the freedom to enjoy the rewards or endure the loss that their choices bring. I am over hearing people say things such as "we shouldn't let people endanger their children that way." or "You shouldn't be allowed to do that until your 18 years old." WOW, How quickly we take away others freedoms when we disagree with them. I hate the ocean myself but if the Sunderland's want to sail the seas from now on I will fight for their right to raise their children however they see fit. Now before anyone says something about incest or drugs remember those are already illegal for everyone this discussion is about legal activities such as sailing. I sympathize with them because I have been told by people that I should have my children taken from me because I take my children hunting and let my 7 year old son shoot guns (They think it is to violent and dangerous for children to be around firearms). So don't start down the road of raising other peoples children since popular opinion my turn against you one day. The majority of people are starting to believe that killing animals is bad and kids shouldn't be forced (my detractors exact words.) to watch it. I think kids should know where chicken nuggets come from and the  Sunderlands think their kids should find their limits,Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Old faithful. Deer burger and grilled potatoes. I add an egg to a pound of ground deer to make the burgers hold together better (I don't add fat to the deer when I grind it). And yes we eat like this everyday. amazing what a garden and wild animals can do for us and how we take for granted that God provides all we need to survive. While we remember those who gave their life in service of the country maybe we can say a thank you to God as well while we grill our Memorial Day burgers. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.  

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Tonight I fixed a simple salad (mushrooms, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and ranch dressing), some corn, and deep fried Sauger. Sauger is my favorite fish and I owe these tasty fillets to my buddy Stacy (From how much is a Rockfish worth). I made the batter out of a pancake mix which is a little sweet but the kids love it (I like it pretty well myself).  I love eating something I fixed my self from the local lake. Remember don't just take a kid fishing, let him eat what he catches. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Monday, May 17, 2010


My wife is the greatest baker and cake maker in the East Tennessee  Valley. With that said, I do most of the cooking,  I have decided to start a series of posts (hopefully weekly) to highlight my culinary expressions.  My wife tells me I am a great cook, and she wouldn't lie about such a thing just to get out of fixin dinner.......would she?

Tonight I fixed Honey Teriyaki Venison Chopped Steak, Sweet whole kernel corn (that I froze last year), Mashed potatoes, and fresh strawberries. Ummm Good.
This kind of wild game and garden food is a nightly thing at my house and I enjoy the gathering and preparing of the food as much as the eating......well almost. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiring blog

Journey to Live an Abundant Life  is a very inspiring blog written by my sister documenting life and all that goes with it. If you know anyone in need of a good read about a modern woman this is a good place to go. Here is how she put it in her own words "I am hoping this blog inspires growth for the followers. I believe in nurturing the 3 parts of our being -- mind, body, and, spirit. I am interested in improving my life through this blog while bringing up some thought provoking subjects. " Can't beat that, your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Upcoming adventures

My life has been pretty tame lately. I work (saving the world from raw sewage), Take the boy to golf and baseball ( I coach), mow grass( five yards mainly charity), and completing my household duties ( what ever the lovely and talented mother of my children wants).  We have stepped back from the Cub Scouts for a while due to the hectic schedule and to be honest the scouts seem to be a little feminized and politically correct nowadays. Not exactly the place for a boy to learn what it means to be a man.  So back to the way my dad did the wilderness. I have acquired a used 14 foot aluminum canoe for me and the boy to adventure in this summer and he will be old enough to hunt with me this fall.  I will teach him responsibility and self-reliance out in the bush.  I hope he realizes unlike a lot of today's youth that hard work is something to be proud of and being a tough, dependable, and humble man should be the aspiration of every boy.  So it  is off to the lakes, and woods, to catch fish, pick berries, and learn to be a man. Be on the look out for future posts on manhood and the exploits of the boy and myself. Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Besides a knife what do you always take.

When I go on a overnight or multiple day hunting trip alone, or at least sans kids (kids require more equipment), I always bring my poncho. It is a sturdy and thick  Eddie Bauer poncho. This piece of equipment can be rolled up and takes up less room than the tarp I used to carry.  I not only wear the poncho in the rain but I set it up as a tent at night with nothing more than cord and 4 stakes. I use it as a ground cover, blind (or hide according to where you are), I have even used it as a rain catch during a canoe trip where I had an unfortunate distance miscalculation. When I need to improvise something in the bush that poncho always plays a role. I have made it into a hammock, a pack, I even wrap my food in it to haul up a tree in bear country. Besides a knife I believe a large sturdy PVC poncho to be the best survival tool a man can own. So even when the sun is shining, you will never catch me in the bush without my poncho. What do you always take with you? Leave a comment or maybe you need an entire post. Leave me a link so I can come learn from your wisdom.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

At least we are outdoors......

I have not only slowed down on blogging lately but I have also not gotten around to the normal Turkey hunting and Crappie fishing of the spring (got the garden planted though). The reason for this is my son (the Boy) has decided he wants to be a golfer. I don't golf, but we have been at the local par 3 every chance we get. While he does play baseball ( like I did) he really wants to be on the links. I am going to support him fully even though I don't like golf, because he loves it and is already getting good as evidenced by these photos.
Teeing off with a 4 hybrid.

Chipping onto the green.

I hate that my son didn't decide to spend every waking moment in the garden or stalking wild animals like me, but at least we will be outside together. I am just glad he found something to be passionate about.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have struggled many times with patience so I have researched high and low for help.

I found a quote from George Horne " Patience Strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, stifles anger, extinguishes envy, subdues pride, bridles the tongue, restrains the hands, and trembles upon temptation"

This quote does do a nice job of showing the positive aspect of patience but It didn't help me have patience.

So I found the Serenity Prayer. 
"O God, give us serenity to accept what cannot be changed, courage to change what should be changed, and wisdom to distinguish the one from the other"

That was good, but it only seemed to help while I was saying it!

It wasn't until I read James ch 5 verses 7-11

Patience in Suffering

7 Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. 8 You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near. 9 Don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door! 10 Brothers, as an example of patience in the face of suffering, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. 11 As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. 12 Above all, my brothers, do not swear--not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your "Yes" be yes, and your "No," no, or you will be condemned.

that I saw how silly my impatience was. James was pleading with Christians to be patient for something important, the second coming of Jesus. Here I am grumbling over not being able to move ( I wish to relocate) to Jacksboro now, which is simply a side note to the life I live here. When I should keep in mind that without God there would be no Jacksboro to move to. When you are thankful for possibilities it makes waiting for them a pleasure, since we are not promised tomorrow. God bless and remember patience is contagious.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Squirrel shoot out

I cannot count the squirrel hunts I have been on in my life, but one stands out among the rest. I had met Stacy to take a little walk about in Catoosa WMA and maybe shoot a squirrel or two. We had planned to meet up with Ron and Ray at the long field around 10 am (that was the earliest they could get there) and maybe do some deer scouting. Stacy and I got out of the truck a little after daylight and went through the anti-seed tick ritual of skin so soft and permanone application. We wondered around in the woods for a while when Stacy saw some cuttings on a stump and said "I think we ought to sit here". I had a 22 magnum and Stacy was packing a 12 gauge, we sat up on opposite sides of the small hollow we had entered and within minutes I saw a squirrel. "BAM" I dropped him, and with that crack of the rifle squirrels broke from there hiding places running away from me into the barrage of shotgun fire compliments of Stacy. This pattern continued for half an hour until we thought we had filled our limit of 20. I don't know if we miscounted or didn't find one, but we ended up with nineteen. All of this in 30 minutes out of a stand of about 7 hickory trees. I don't think I will ever be able to duplicate a day like that but hope keeps me going back. The magical day ended after meeting with Ron and Ray, showing them our bounty and bragging about Stacy's shooting prowess. We probably would have wondered around the woods some more but Ron decided to see if he could hit a hornets nest with a throwing stick...he could. After a long run back to the trucks we left catoosa. Stacy and I with 19 Squirrels and Ron with 100 seed ticks.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ground Hog for supper

One Thing I enjoy about hunting is eating what I kill. The bounty is diverse. One day eat deer, the next eat turkey. I even enjoy the occasional ground hog. I love hunting g-hogs since it fills the summer hunting gap and allows for perfecting my long range shooting technique. Most farmers are more than happy to let you plug away at the little ill tempered whistle pigs since they are seen as a nuisance to anyone with livestock. A thousand dollars worth of cow breaking its leg in the ground hog's hole will make any farmer want them thinned out. I have a Marlin 22 Mag that is really accurate out to 150+ yards. I love taking it since it is light plus a good head shot doesn't ruin any meat. Most people use a more traditional varmit gun like the 22-250 which can be effective for shots twice as far as I would shoot with my magnum. I made this choice because my gun was more affordable, I also derive enjoyment by having to sneak up a little closer for the shot. If you ever want to try a little ground hog for supper you should try it in a crock pot. If a crock pot is not handy then here is a little recipe I like. 1.) put 1 cup of honey, 1 tablespoon of dried jalapeno pepper, and a teaspoon of salt into a microwave safe bowl. 2.) heat until honey is softened (about a minute) 3.) roll quatered ground hog in mixture untill covered thoroughly 4.) place into a baking pan and put in oven on 325 degrees for about 45 minutes 5.) watch closely so as not to burn the honey You could also wrap it in aluminum foil for the grill. Either way it is a good alternative to the always reliable crock pot and BBQ sauce.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

alone in the woods

I have spent many nights home alone, At least technically alone. When you are home alone you have a T.V. which talks at you, a telephone you can use anytime you wish, and the realization of all the neighbors in shouting distance. I have also spent many a night alone in the woods, really alone. I enjoy hiking but most dedicated hiker's would call me a slackpacker. I rarely hike for more than a few days at a time. Mostly I day hike, hunters like myself call it scouting however I prefer to call it exploring. On the occasions in my life when I actually had a free weekend outside of hunting season I enjoy taking to a trail for a overnighter. I enjoy solitude and you will never be more alone than sleeping in a tent 12 miles into the backcountry. It is dark, really dark. and there are no human sounds at all, no one to turn to. You do everything yourself. If you get hurt it is up to you to get yourself out of the situation. It is the definition of self reliance. I think that is really why some people are scared to sleep in the woods alone. The extra sensation and heightened awareness makes me feel alive. You should try it sometime, see what your made of. Walk till you are tired, make camp, feed yourself and sleep alone.... if you can.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How much is a rockfish worth?

It was a seemingly normal summer day in 2007 when Stacy called me saying I should come with Ron and him rockfishing below Fort Loudon Damn. Earlier he had produced pictures of himself holding fish as long as a man and I had thought "how many fish steaks could I get out of that". There are not many fish safe to eat in Loudon lake due to mercury and pcb's, but the Rockfish or Striper (as some locals call them) can be consumed, at least for now. I jumped at the chance to battle these non-native giants with two of my best friends. Stacy, who could grow a beard in middle school, had not changed physically in a decade but was no longer the wild man that gave him the moniker "crazy Stacy" on the football team. Since returning from a short college football career he had graduated college and became a family man. His amazing instincts for harvesting game makes him one of my favorite people to hunt with. On the other hand Ron had grown to 6'3" tall and weighed at least 250lbs which happens to be 100lbs heavier than when he wrestled in high school. He is the hardest working man in the world, holding down two jobs for as long as I can remember and still spending more time in the woods hunting and trapping than the rest of us. I myself had gained weight like Ron but with out the growth in height. I went from being little Gabe at 5'7" to being "stocky" to anyone not wanting to insult the bowling ball I had become. I always expect adventure when I am with the boys since they seem to have little fear of anything and a curiosity of whats over the next ridge. But I had no Idea how close we would come to meeting our makers this day. We slid Stacy's 15' modified V aluminum boat into the river and started up stream toward the damn. Even though Stacy had used this boat in the boils below the damn before, I wondered if he had considered what difference adding me, a 200 pound man, to the back end would have. The first sign of trouble was during Stacy's explaination that we may not have that good of success because the moon was wrong. Then he mentioned the fact that my job was to put the two naked wires laying behind me against the battery terminals to start the bilge pump anytime the boat started filling up with water! The roar of the boils were evident before we could see them. the water being generated from turbines at the bottom of the damn looked like a whirlpool in a class 5 rapid. For the first 30 minutes we bounced around in the boils pumping water and trying to cast large plugs in to the concrete cut-ins on the face of the damn. Ron was standing at the front of the boat tempting fate every time the boat was jarred by the upheaval of water when Stacy had to gun it in full reverse to keep us out of the most dangerous area. First I felt water rush in over the back and up onto my legs. then I felt my heart jump as I reached for the afore mentioned naked wires to get the pump pumping. I was having trouble since water was over the battery and something kept hitting my elbow. When I realized that the something was the gas tank I almost panicked. Luckily Stacy stayed calm and set the engine full forward and shot us up into one of the cut-ins in the damn we had just been casting into. For reasons I am unaware of the water is as calm as a swimming pool in these little concrete coffins and this gave me time to regain my cool get the battery in the dry and proceed to pump the calf deep water out of the back of the boat. After some heavy duty pushing by Ron and some fancy boat work by Stacy we popped out of the cutout and raced across the boils to safety. Oddly enough this was the first time I noticed a family of Mexicans on the rocky shore fishing and I wondered what they thought about the crazy rednecks that just attempted to drown themselves for a few lousy rock fish.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Debord Falls

It was a nice drive up through Wartburg, passing through classic East Tennessee scenery some good (mountains), Some bad (Trailers and junk cars). I thought it fitting to go to Frozen Head State Park since we would get to see the new prison which is replacing the famous and historic Brushy Mountain Prison due to its recent closure. I wanted this trip to be a fun little excursion for the family but also serve as a information gathering mission for a possible Cub Scout camp out in the future. The park is Known for its hiking (the Cumberland Trail passes through) and has an easy trail perfect for the family that goes to a water fall (Debord Falls).

After a short and gradually up hill hike we came to a exciting  staircase which led us to the base of a water fall. The boy led the way and directed us on the safest path. It gave the trail a destination feeling.

 We had a blast, wife,kids, and dad. The wife sunned herself on a nearby rock and took pictures of me, the boy, and the girl having fun. Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.

© 2009 The Envirocapitalist

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here is my rant!

I always hear people say that hunters don’t need to hunt they just like killing. I can't take it anymore, I am tired of people saying that it costs me more money to hunt than to buy beef by the pound. It is not true for me.  I live in a rural mountain community in E. Tennessee and I can’t afford to buy enough Beef to feed a family of four. So I use reloaded bullets(which I only shoot 10-15 bullets a year which includes sighting in and killing 2-4 deer myself a year) in a 30-06 that my father passed down to me for free to kill deer which I cut up my self. (I did buy a vacuum sealer and an lay down freezer 10 years ago) but it costs me next to nothing to put 6-7 deer in the freezer every year. I also help a friend with a large garden so we can split the bounty (he has land, I have knowledge) It would be like saying I don’t need to grow my own potatoes I just like digging. I think deer meat is much healthier than beef as well. I know the meal. No one else handles it. My family will never have E-Coli from beef or tomatoes. although it does not bother me, I don’t like killing anymore than I like cleaning fish or picking blackberries. I like being outside and I like eating blackberry pie. I like being self sufficient. You have to kill a deer to eat it. I also like shooting guns. I shoot them at targets, coke cans, and furry woodland creatures that taste good. I didn't kill the can but I enjoy the challenge of marksmanship. I have no hard feelings toward trophy hunters. I receive most of my meat from trophy hunters who call me after they shoot a rack buck and I come and get the deer to cut up for my family ( win win situation they get the trophy, I get the meat).  However I do have a problem with the perception that all hunters are trophy hunters. I hunt because it feels natural. As natural as growing tomatoes.  More natural than driving to a large crowded building and pointing to a hunk of meat that another man picks up, wraps and hands to you. Even Though you have no idea where it came from.  I do enjoy my time in the woods........far more than time in the super market.  Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, February 05, 2010

WDVX - Real Music from Tennessee

I highly recommend checking out WDVX  If you like Americana or Bluegrass music.  It is a local, listener supported radio station here in E.Tennessee that streams over the web. So people from all over can enjoy our musical culture. Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Freeze Frosty

First real snow day in Tennessee this year. We found a trespasser. I Think he was hunting by his attire.
We held him at gun point until he melted.......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"It is natural, but you still need practice".

I  Try to take my son into the "real world" as much as possible. Mainly because while I think it is natural for us to be outdoors, if you stay inside long enough  you will lose some of your instincts and will never develop the skills that allow you to feel at home in the woods. Every minute spent outside teaches lessons that could never be taught around a dinner table. Following a deer trail from bedding area to rub line tells my son more about wildlife than I could tell him in a month.

Putting youngsters with people who have spent decades hunting every edible animal in your area is a great way to make sure a life time of knowledge is not lost with the passing of a generation that was more connected to the environment. It is not only enjoyable for all parties involved but I believe a historical rite of passage that we have gotten away from.

I know my son will want a fancy cell phone and will be interested in things that aren't outdoor related at times in his life, I just hope he appreciates the foundation I plan to give him. I think it will set him apart from his peers who may have never spent a night under the stars with out central heat and air. To all those who still believe knowing how to skin a deer is a worthwhile skill I say cheers. While some kids hunch over game-boys this summer me and the boy will be frog gigging, Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just had to share

Evil mother washed her Teddy Bear.  It was a tense spin cycle. You got to love God's little gifts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mossberg 935 Magnum Auto Non-Loader

It was the first day in two weeks above freezing in East Tennessee and I had plenty of work to do.  I received a phone call from one of my venerable co-workers. We call him Uncle Al, and he is a top notch individual. He had explained to me how his son had purchased an 800 dollar Mossberg 935 Magnum Auto Loader for its looks and that it would shoot 3 1/2 inch magnum steel shot, but found that it would not eject and load after the first shot rendering it a single shot.  Of course they were disappointed, so they sent it back to the manufacturer to have it fixed and received it back promptly yesterday.  He was anxious to test the gun and wondered if I would meet him on the land I own near him ( the dream spot I plan to build a house one day God willing). I accepted and worked diligently all day so that I would not be late to meet him and let some lead  (uh I mean steel) fly in the name of consumer satisfaction.
We had barely got out of the truck when one of my future neighbors drove up to check us out. After telling him who I was he was nice enough and left us to our business ( let this be a warning to anyone sneaking onto my land, the kindly neighbor was packing heat). So we sat up a target and Bam!!!...........dissappoitment....It still didn't work! Just for kicks we stuck some 2 3/4 shells in and it worked fine.  Uncle Al was pissed and I can't blame him, to pay that much and it not perform is unbelievable from such a established shotgun company. After asking around it turns out that lots of people have had this problem. So if you buy a Mossberg, which I do not recommend, buy a pump least you'll be able to shoot more than once.