Monday, June 28, 2010


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I have come to the conclusion that one of the hardest things for a person to do is to truly forgive someone who has wronged them and is not genuinely repentant.  Usually the forgiveness is not appreciated or even needed by the unrepentant but is actually needed by the injured person. If one can forgive they can let go of the anger that continues to damage them. Man does not have the forgiveness that the sinner needs only God does. So having the strength to forgive is really a blessing for the person doing the forgiving. I wish it were as easy to forgive as it is to know you should forgive but the heart is a powerful organ with a mind of its own.  I see so many people I know in pain inflicted by loved ones, that I pray that all those out there needing forgiveness make it easier for those needing to forgive. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Abby's words

If you have time follow this link( and read some of the words of a 16 year old who has become the focus of the lets blame someone media.  She is wise beyond her years and living life the way that makes most of us jealous. At 35 year old and trained in many areas I am not sure I am her equal. I hope society (and our nanny state) doesn't try and squash the adventurers out their. We need them to inspire us before we lose our souls to dependency and fear. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Why kraut the hard way?

You might ask why a man would want to grow cabbage, pick it , then let it ferment for 2 months when he can buy sour kraut relatively cheap at the store. My answer is because I can. I have always gotten real enjoyment from fulfilling my own needs and not depending on others. The same reason that drives me to skin a deer, quarter it, debone everything north of the hams, cut steaks, grind burger, package tenderloin and neck roasts, only to prepare it into meals for my family. It is easier to buy from the store but I don't think the easy way is always the best way,  I am connected to my food and it helps me and my children understand life and death better. I think people live to much in the safe confines of the prepackaged lifestyle of today and it robs them of their ability to depend upon themselves and make logical conclusions about the world around them ( think Disney propaganda). so go make something yourself today even if it is just scratch biscuits so you can stand tall and say to the world " I have fed myself and I could survive on my own". well that may be taking it to far but you know what I mean.....Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland and a parents place.

I have had several people ask me what I think about the Sunderland's letting their 16 year old daughter sail around the world in a boat alone. My response shocked most. I do not want anyone telling me how to raise my family so I do not see any reason why I should place my views on the Sunderlands.  I do not believe I would ever allow my children to do something like that alone however I think we should allow people the freedom to enjoy the rewards or endure the loss that their choices bring. I am over hearing people say things such as "we shouldn't let people endanger their children that way." or "You shouldn't be allowed to do that until your 18 years old." WOW, How quickly we take away others freedoms when we disagree with them. I hate the ocean myself but if the Sunderland's want to sail the seas from now on I will fight for their right to raise their children however they see fit. Now before anyone says something about incest or drugs remember those are already illegal for everyone this discussion is about legal activities such as sailing. I sympathize with them because I have been told by people that I should have my children taken from me because I take my children hunting and let my 7 year old son shoot guns (They think it is to violent and dangerous for children to be around firearms). So don't start down the road of raising other peoples children since popular opinion my turn against you one day. The majority of people are starting to believe that killing animals is bad and kids shouldn't be forced (my detractors exact words.) to watch it. I think kids should know where chicken nuggets come from and the  Sunderlands think their kids should find their limits,Your pal the Envirocapitalist.