Monday, October 27, 2008

Noah Ogle nature trail

I despise driving through Pigeon Forge on the weekend so me and the family slipped in the back way through Cosby. We crossed Greene mountain on the parkway which had been recently burned over. we saw some wonderful vistas but we didn't stay long just long enough to take a few pictures. I chose the Noah Ogle Nature Trail due to the fact that it is a short (3/4 mile) loop that is pretty much level, My daughter is only 3 years old. The Trail started at the Ogle cabin which you can walk into if you want. The kids liked it alot since the doorways were little and the ceilings were low like it was built for them. The trail from the cabin is level but incredibly Rocky (easy to turn an ankle or trip). The scenery is nice with some older hardwood trees and rock wall formations along the way. The trail is marked with numbers which corresponds with a brochure you can buy at the trail head. It is very interesting but not very informative. At about the half way mark around the loop we encountered what I consider the best part. A small gristmill on a creek with several small falls nearby. the sound of rushing water rushing over boulders is very soothing to me. Just loud to the kids though. It was a really fun little family hike easy enough for everyone but still interesting. I recommend it to anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in the over crowded mess known as Gatlinburg.

RGD #4

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No bow hunting in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got a comment from a fellow outdoorsman from across the pond claiming that bow hunting is illegal over there (How un-American). I can't imagine government telling me I can't feed my family by taking an animal with a traditional and effective weapon. I feel for my friend the suburban bushwhacker. If I were him I would start making plans to immigrate to the U.S.A. as soon as possible. I would like to recommend The Great State of Tennessee as a future home. limitless private and public hunting lands, liberal seasons and bag limits. low cost of living and plenty of opportunities to work. Did I mention freedom. Yeah I can take a cross-bow and kill a deer without breaking a law. Look me up if you decide to come, we recently started stocking Elk in the cumberland mountains. soon we'll be hunting them with bows. God bless America

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I only feel free in the woods

My home state of Tennessee is abuzz with talk of the debate tonight in Nashville between two men looking to use the power of government to "Give" stuff to people or to fix all our problems by spending money we don't have on more programs we don't need. I have now realized that Americans no longer want to be free because they might fail and have to suffer. they would rather demand others (the government) insure there future. The only problem with that is that we can't afford as a nation to take care of everybody. I have mentioned before that I love to do multi-day hikes because of the sense of independence and self-reliance it brings me. I do not understand why people don't crave that in everyday life, It seems natural to me. I have heard conservatives say they wish they had another Ronald Reagan. I say he did nothing to change the tide of state dependent, lazy, helpless people. He simply cut taxes and grew government, just at a slower rate. I wish we had another Thomas Jefferson, I get chills when I read his first inaugural address he made in 1801. You will not hear anything resembling any of Jefferson's beliefs tonight at the debate just more promises to take care of us since that seems to be what Americans want. Everybody wants something from the government, either "free" health insurance or to punish gays with legislation. I am saddened by politics I guess I had better plant a garden, and go hunting.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Out of meat

I have pretty much run out of meat. It takes 7 deer a year to feed my family. I have not been able to do any hunting due to lack of money and extra work. however I need to get back out there and provide some table fare. Two of my friends Stacy and Ray have already killed this year. Stacy bushwacked a six point in Heiskell and Ray stuck a doe in Crossville. Word is Ray may have a shoulder or two for my crock pot. Yeah he is a good friend. Maybe next week will bring me some hunting opportunities.