Thursday, August 26, 2010

God does not care who is president as much as he cares who you are!

I ran across the email below and I have taken out all of the sentences about Barack Obama. This made me think that if we (I mean Christians) looked in the mirror and truly dedicate our self to living a righteous life always giving glory to God and being kind to all people, How obvious our presidents faith is would be less important.  I mean if he could prove to everyone he believes in Christ he would still be spending to much money in my opinion.  I think that after I stripped the political statements  from this email, it conveys a powerful message to followers of the Way.  The email before cheapened God by using him to take pot shots at a politician.  If we Christians lived our faith, so many people wouldn't think they need government to fix their problems. They would realize only God has the answers. I am still going to vote but I will never confuse politics with faith.....Jesus never did.
                                                        Edited Email
"We try to keep God in church on Sunday morning....Maybe, Sunday night...And,

the unlikely event of a midweek service. We do like to have Him around
during sickness....And, of course, at funerals. However, we don't have
time, or room, for Him during work or play...Because.. That's the part of
our lives we think... We can, and should, handle on our own. Sometimes I am
not sure most Christians really believe in God. If we lived every moment of
every day with God as our focus and quit worrying about politics and what
other people are doing we would probably make a bigger difference in the
world. The next time the urge to tell someone that they need to change their
ways hits just be kind to them and pray for them and let them know that you
love them. And when people ask why you are in such a good mood tell them
about Jesus. Believe in the bible and miracles. Wear your faith on your
sleeve so when people think of Christians they think of you not the
judgmental people from a church they attended once or the televangelists
asking for money. We are getting a bad wrap as Christians today because of
hypocrisy. This makes how we behave more important, don’t be ashamed, and if
you do not know how to act just read the New Testament. Jesus was a great
ambassador and we can be too."  Unknown Author.

May God forgive me for ever thinking That There is a time or place

where HE is not to be FIRST in my life. We should always have time to

remember all HE has done for us. AMEN

I hope whoever wrote the email does not mind me editing it. I agree we should empty Washington through the voters box, but because they spend more money than they take in, not because of religious beliefs. The government can not stop Christian values unless Christians forget them.
Live as though the world is watching!

Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Thumbs up! Great message! I could elaborate a bit on my personal quest for faith and how this message struck a cord but.... well, Ill be brief and just say thanks for the much needed reminder.

  2. Envirocapitalist

    A really great thought, I salute your commitment.
    Your pal