Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Besides a knife what do you always take.

When I go on a overnight or multiple day hunting trip alone, or at least sans kids (kids require more equipment), I always bring my poncho. It is a sturdy and thick  Eddie Bauer poncho. This piece of equipment can be rolled up and takes up less room than the tarp I used to carry.  I not only wear the poncho in the rain but I set it up as a tent at night with nothing more than cord and 4 stakes. I use it as a ground cover, blind (or hide according to where you are), I have even used it as a rain catch during a canoe trip where I had an unfortunate distance miscalculation. When I need to improvise something in the bush that poncho always plays a role. I have made it into a hammock, a pack, I even wrap my food in it to haul up a tree in bear country. Besides a knife I believe a large sturdy PVC poncho to be the best survival tool a man can own. So even when the sun is shining, you will never catch me in the bush without my poncho. What do you always take with you? Leave a comment or maybe you need an entire post. Leave me a link so I can come learn from your wisdom.


  1. I am never usually gone for more than a day but, what I take is a knife, first aide kit, poncho, matches & lighter in a ziplock, small flashlight, cell phone, jug of water, snacks.

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  2. hey i just scored one of these at a salvation army store for $6, so i'm glad to hear it's a needed piece of gear!