Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Besides a knife what do you always take.

When I go on a overnight or multiple day hunting trip alone, or at least sans kids (kids require more equipment), I always bring my poncho. It is a sturdy and thick  Eddie Bauer poncho. This piece of equipment can be rolled up and takes up less room than the tarp I used to carry.  I not only wear the poncho in the rain but I set it up as a tent at night with nothing more than cord and 4 stakes. I use it as a ground cover, blind (or hide according to where you are), I have even used it as a rain catch during a canoe trip where I had an unfortunate distance miscalculation. When I need to improvise something in the bush that poncho always plays a role. I have made it into a hammock, a pack, I even wrap my food in it to haul up a tree in bear country. Besides a knife I believe a large sturdy PVC poncho to be the best survival tool a man can own. So even when the sun is shining, you will never catch me in the bush without my poncho. What do you always take with you? Leave a comment or maybe you need an entire post. Leave me a link so I can come learn from your wisdom.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

At least we are outdoors......

I have not only slowed down on blogging lately but I have also not gotten around to the normal Turkey hunting and Crappie fishing of the spring (got the garden planted though). The reason for this is my son (the Boy) has decided he wants to be a golfer. I don't golf, but we have been at the local par 3 every chance we get. While he does play baseball ( like I did) he really wants to be on the links. I am going to support him fully even though I don't like golf, because he loves it and is already getting good as evidenced by these photos.
Teeing off with a 4 hybrid.

Chipping onto the green.

I hate that my son didn't decide to spend every waking moment in the garden or stalking wild animals like me, but at least we will be outside together. I am just glad he found something to be passionate about.