Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real Fake Survival

I don't want to call out any individual shows on T.V. but the "Survival" shows on T.V. are so fake and full of bad information.  I believe they border on dangerous since the average couch potato watching doesn't know anything about the wilderness and will believe you can do some of the silly stuff these people do. I saw a couple of guys improvise a climbing system and then repel to find their way out. Which is fine with hidden backup safety gear(hidden from sight), a full staff, camera crew, and emergency communication devices.  I realize that they are trying to entertain but they should have a disclaimer. It should say " for entertainment purposes only do not confuse anything you are about to see with real world solutions to being lost in the wild. Just wondered if the shows made anyone else laugh. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

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  1. i couldn't agree with you more. The worst offender is an english rich kid; handsome, charming and charismatic yet totally guilty of misleading the viewer with his lies.

    I know that sounds harsh but really does this clown have no sense of responsibility?
    When he shows us 'how to' climb out of the frozen lake he's 'fallen' into there are (clearly visible in the you tube video) a set of convenient hand holds pre-cut into the ice. When he scales the canyon he is wearing a safety harness but doesn't mind giving the viewer the idea that he's just spontaneously climbing out. When he tells us he's bedding down for the night in his shelter, he's actually walking beyond the line of palm trees to bed down for the night in the resort that owns the 'dessert island'.

    It would be funny if his show wasn't aimed at impressionable young people.

    i'll stop ranting now