Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Geat Hikes series #1 ( The Twin Arches Loop)

Great trail for the whole family with a few steep staircases to climb to start the trail. The Twin Arches trail is well maintained and marked with red leaf blazes. Take your time and view the huge rock formations along the way some are very interesting. Once at the Twin Arches there are more sturdy staircases that will lead to a trail on top of the Arches with views that can be safely enjoyed at an elevation of 1730'. The South Arch has a clearance of 103' and a span of 135' and the North is slightly smaller at 62' clearance and a span of 93'. Although horses and bikers are not allowed on this trail they are permitted on various trails throughout the Big South Fork. Here is a topo of the loop. About six miles if you do the whole loop, less if you take the short trail to the arches and retrace your steps. Plan to spend all day the views are worth it.

Trailhead: From Oneida TN. Take 297 West turn left on Leatherwood Ford Rd. Travel 19 miles to 154 North turn right. Travel 1.9 miles turn right on gravel road Divide Road. Travel 3.9 miles turn right on Twin Arches Road. Parking area 2 miles ahead. Please view bulletin board for information of area. (Lat:36.54074 Lon:-84.73614)

For your prospective the sign at the bottom of the photo is as tall as a man. It is a breath taking sight. the largest natural arches I've ever seen.


  1. Sounds great!
    One question: how do you pronounce 'Oneida'?

  2. Sounds like O-ni-du Bushwacker. It is an outdoorsman's paradise.

  3. Those arches are beautiful! Makes me realize that the time is drawing near for spring desert hikes in the badlands of the PNW. Do you find morels in your area?

  4. Envirocapitalist; By the sounds of it and the photo looks like you had a great outting.

  5. That picture of the arch is beautiful, I sure would like to visit that some day.