Thursday, November 04, 2010

One cold night.

I am sure we all have friends that seem larger than life, I seem to have several.  Big Ron has been my pal since I was five and saying he is a rugged outdoorsman would be like saying Michael Jordan is a basketball player. The first time I realized Ron was not normal was on a frigid weekend which we were planning on meeting up with some of our friends from UPS in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area to do a little exploring and camping.  We had drove up separate so he was already on the scene when I arrived.  It tickled me when I got out of my Ford Ranger and realized that Ron and I prepared similarly while the troop we had met up with seemed to have brought everything but their houses with them. I have met sultan's who travel with less. I have to admit though that I enjoyed all the goodies these fellows had and a lot of it was for the enjoyment of their wives whom had come with them (my wife doesn't do winter camping).  As the night wound down the crowd retired to there tents while I climbed into the back of my truck which I had put an old twin mattress in. Before getting into my sleeping bag I peered out into the desolate camp to see Ron with his blanket laying on the ground next to the fire. I said " hey Ron why don't you get in here with me." without even rolling over he replied "that little bed is to short, I be alright by the fire." I shot back." suit yourself, but it is going to get down in the twenties tonight.  In his defense my wife says I am horrible to share a bed with (you know because of the snoring and groping). I awoke the next morning with a cold nose which was the only part of me sticking out of the sleeping bag. I peaked out the back of the truck and found four inches of snow on the ground and to my horror I saw a lump where Ron was. I sprung from the truck without even dressing and shook Ron thinking he had froze to death. He said " What the hell are you doing" I stuttered " snowed" Ron shot back " you don't think I know it snowed, I slept in it last night." I returned to my truck embarrassed and thinking who sleeps in the snow.........Big Ron that's who". Your pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Great post Gabe,
    Big Ron sounds like one hell of a guy, and somebody to walk the trials with.

  2. Sounds like Ron isn't bothered by the little things in life!

    BTW, I looked and looked for a way to follow your blog the other day and couldn't find one. TODAY, the "followers" section is working, so I'm signed on!

  3. Ron reminds me a lot of a friend of the family that I knew growing up. Ted used to walk outside when it was 30 below in the Adirondack mountains barefoot. I used to think he was nuts and now I see that he is a part of a larger group of true outdoors men. Nice post!