Sunday, May 16, 2010

Upcoming adventures

My life has been pretty tame lately. I work (saving the world from raw sewage), Take the boy to golf and baseball ( I coach), mow grass( five yards mainly charity), and completing my household duties ( what ever the lovely and talented mother of my children wants).  We have stepped back from the Cub Scouts for a while due to the hectic schedule and to be honest the scouts seem to be a little feminized and politically correct nowadays. Not exactly the place for a boy to learn what it means to be a man.  So back to the way my dad did the wilderness. I have acquired a used 14 foot aluminum canoe for me and the boy to adventure in this summer and he will be old enough to hunt with me this fall.  I will teach him responsibility and self-reliance out in the bush.  I hope he realizes unlike a lot of today's youth that hard work is something to be proud of and being a tough, dependable, and humble man should be the aspiration of every boy.  So it  is off to the lakes, and woods, to catch fish, pick berries, and learn to be a man. Be on the look out for future posts on manhood and the exploits of the boy and myself. Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Will be looking forward to hearing of both of your journey's, his into manhood and yours as the way it should... father teaching is son.

  2. Hi Gabe,
    Looking forward to hearing about your lads journey.

  3. Saw your daily verse. I like the one in Kings about God commanding the raven to feed Isaiah during his sojourn in the wilderness.