Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby Sunderland and a parents place.

I have had several people ask me what I think about the Sunderland's letting their 16 year old daughter sail around the world in a boat alone. My response shocked most. I do not want anyone telling me how to raise my family so I do not see any reason why I should place my views on the Sunderlands.  I do not believe I would ever allow my children to do something like that alone however I think we should allow people the freedom to enjoy the rewards or endure the loss that their choices bring. I am over hearing people say things such as "we shouldn't let people endanger their children that way." or "You shouldn't be allowed to do that until your 18 years old." WOW, How quickly we take away others freedoms when we disagree with them. I hate the ocean myself but if the Sunderland's want to sail the seas from now on I will fight for their right to raise their children however they see fit. Now before anyone says something about incest or drugs remember those are already illegal for everyone this discussion is about legal activities such as sailing. I sympathize with them because I have been told by people that I should have my children taken from me because I take my children hunting and let my 7 year old son shoot guns (They think it is to violent and dangerous for children to be around firearms). So don't start down the road of raising other peoples children since popular opinion my turn against you one day. The majority of people are starting to believe that killing animals is bad and kids shouldn't be forced (my detractors exact words.) to watch it. I think kids should know where chicken nuggets come from and the  Sunderlands think their kids should find their limits,Your pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Great post. I couldn't agree more.

    In the past friends and family have had discussions on whether to let their children "do" things. I have ALWAYS sided with letting their children do those things--travel, work, adventure. I would not be who I am had I been limited in my adventures as a youngster. I started packing mules when I was 12, left home and started guiding hunters when I was 13.

    Clint Eastwood's character Dirty Harry Calahan once said, "A man has got to know his limitations." It is too bad that most people never get the chance to test those limitations.

  2. Glad she's going to be okay. Who wouldn't be glad of that? But I'm sad that she's stunt-sailing. Puts potential rescuers at risk.

  3. I agree! Great post! My husband and I were talking about this just the other day. Everytime a law is put in place it takes away the freedom of someone else. I applaud her parents for having that kind of faith in their child. What they did wasnt not a crime and just because sometimes things end in a tragedy, there are just never any guarantees...that doesnt mean that we have to put a law into action.
    I really could go on and on about laws and how we should deregulate but I wont... I will try to stay on topic here.
    As far as exposing your children to hunting. Hunting gives children a firm grasp on reality. My children have been exposed to hunting and have witnessed butcher day at the farm... They understand that life is very fragile and sacred. We are truly greatful for our meals. Those that disagree just arent living in the same world as we do... and there for it isnt worth arguing becuase until they are there, they just wont get it. Thats just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. ;)
    Again very good post! Thanks for sharing!
    O and by the way... your picture of the burger is killing my diet! Looks awesome! ;)

  4. Doc, Glad to hear your opine. I would have to say I do not know what the cost of rescue has to do with anything. It would be like suggesting that we should never drive our cars for fun since tons of money is spent every year saving people from car accidents. And as far as "Stunt" sailing is concerned, The Sunderland's probably just consider it sailing. Calling it "stunt" sailing is just you putting your view on someone else's life. I enjoy long hikes in the Cumberland mountains and if I was to get lost, rescuers would have to save me (hopefully) so I guess by you definition I am a "Stunt" hiker. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

  5. Are choices are what makes us Americans. The freedom to decide for ourselves what will happen in our lives.
    It is not our place to judge what they have done or what they have decided to do. This is not a dictatorship country. I personally would not allow that but that is my decision and mine alone.
    In my opinion people who have time to judge other people are the ones to really worry about.

    Like you I would not stand for someone who tells me how to bring up my kids or take care of my family. That is up to me, my decision and my wife's decision and nobody elses.

  6. Spoken like a grown up.

    Personally if I'd managed to raise the littlest bushwacker to be a sailor-girl I'd be delighted: delighted that she'd mastered something that challenging to the point where it was doable, delighted that she had the passion and determination to go through with it, delighted that she'd chosen something with enough sponsorship money that she could keep her old dad in strong drink into his dotage, oh and DELIGHTED that she wasn't shaking it in the nightclubs of old london town.