Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wild Bill's Big Buck

It was a once in a life time type of deer Billy drug out of an undisclosed area opening weekend of gun season in unit b. He knew the monster 11-point was there from trail cam photos he had collected over the last 2 off seasons but on the walk to his tree stand just after daylight he had no delusions that he would see the mighty buck today. After some time on stand,which he had gotten into late, he was starting to feel as though he could be more productive elsewhere. That's when he heard the twig snap directly behind him. The mere sight of the animal almost froze him, he swallowed hard, collected himself and grunted to stop the beast. BAM! Billy cursed himself immediately knowing he had gut shot his trophy. By the time he had jacked another shell in to the rifle the deer inexplicably layed down still in rifle range. Now I must tell you I have known Billy since I was 5 year old and he is not only an outdoorsman but a dead eye shot, so the only explanation for his poor first shot and completely missing the prone deer with a second round must be nerves. after this second miss his prize sprung to its feet and bolted. Billy had gained his composure by this time and fell the deer with a running heart shot, no need to track the deer it fell dead in its tracks. Wild Bill was so excited he missed the last three steps on the way down the ladder stand. If you have forgotten why Billy was so excited here is another picture
Congratulations Billy, most people have to leave Tennessee to kill a deer like that.