Thursday, February 28, 2008

All land is not equal

Today I evaluated the soil on a 12 acre tract of land for a nice man. I hated to tell him it was no good for septic systems. I want people to be able to develop their land but it still amazes me that people decide to use their land in a certain way even though it is not suited for it. I wish people could see past setting rental trailors up and look for other ways of utilizing their land. I love to see local farmers having pumpkin patches and corn mazes to increase income without breaking the farm into a subdivision. Farms are great wildlife habitat. All land lends itself to a certain use, don't try to force what you want on to land that is not suited for it. Find land elsewhere and let someone else buy the land that intends to utilize it in the best way.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I sit here at my computer after a long day at work. My children are tucked into bed. My wife is at work (I work days, she works evenings). Sometimes I let it get me down. Sometimes I still manage thankfulness for all I have. Other times I just yearn for a campfire and the knowledge of what is over the next ridge. I feel at ease in woods. I feel confident and never lack for the correct course of action. I can better predict the actions of a wild animal Than that of my wife of eight years. I believe it to be ironic that the natural tallents I was born with are more suited to life one hundred years ago. Today, The skills needed to interact in a feminized society are much more difficult for me. The constant struggle to fit the times and just survive in a world full of people popping anti-depresents and believing the world revolves around them drains me. Funny how I would rather solve problems like food and shelter than how to navigate relationships with people who's actions impact my family.The one saving grace is that there is still ample wildland left for me to escape to and recharge.