Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mossberg 935 Magnum Auto Non-Loader

It was the first day in two weeks above freezing in East Tennessee and I had plenty of work to do.  I received a phone call from one of my venerable co-workers. We call him Uncle Al, and he is a top notch individual. He had explained to me how his son had purchased an 800 dollar Mossberg 935 Magnum Auto Loader for its looks and that it would shoot 3 1/2 inch magnum steel shot, but found that it would not eject and load after the first shot rendering it a single shot.  Of course they were disappointed, so they sent it back to the manufacturer to have it fixed and received it back promptly yesterday.  He was anxious to test the gun and wondered if I would meet him on the land I own near him ( the dream spot I plan to build a house one day God willing). I accepted and worked diligently all day so that I would not be late to meet him and let some lead  (uh I mean steel) fly in the name of consumer satisfaction.
We had barely got out of the truck when one of my future neighbors drove up to check us out. After telling him who I was he was nice enough and left us to our business ( let this be a warning to anyone sneaking onto my land, the kindly neighbor was packing heat). So we sat up a target and Bam!!!...........dissappoitment....It still didn't work! Just for kicks we stuck some 2 3/4 shells in and it worked fine.  Uncle Al was pissed and I can't blame him, to pay that much and it not perform is unbelievable from such a established shotgun company. After asking around it turns out that lots of people have had this problem. So if you buy a Mossberg, which I do not recommend, buy a pump least you'll be able to shoot more than once.


  1. I have never liked Mossbergs because they have so many mechanical problems such as what your experiencing.

    I personally shoot benelli's and have never had a problem.

  2. I like their pumps. I don't trust an autoloader made by anybody. I would rather shoot a single shot.

  3. I myself shoot a Savage Stephens 12 gauge pump and love it. For those who know their shotgun make and models you know how old this gun is. But if it ain't broke don't buy a new gun that costs more than my monthly mortgage payment.

  4. I have to disagree. The Mossberg pump guns feel like plastic junk compared to my 870, which in 12 years, has only jammed after having an overzealous game warden try to cram a 4th shell into it for 20 minutes, bending the feeder. Thanks, State of DE.

    Anyhow - I bought the 935 two years ago and YEAH - it jams...when you don't clean it. It, like my Browning auto, seems to do poorly with cheap, dirty ammo. I've also tried 30 ways to shoot 2.75" shells out of it (the manual tells you not to bother), all with no avail - won't cycle.

    It's a solid goose and turkey gun - way too cumbersome for ducks IMO. Mine was $550...wonder why the new version is so expensive (and doesn't work, more importantly)?