Sunday, April 25, 2010

At least we are outdoors......

I have not only slowed down on blogging lately but I have also not gotten around to the normal Turkey hunting and Crappie fishing of the spring (got the garden planted though). The reason for this is my son (the Boy) has decided he wants to be a golfer. I don't golf, but we have been at the local par 3 every chance we get. While he does play baseball ( like I did) he really wants to be on the links. I am going to support him fully even though I don't like golf, because he loves it and is already getting good as evidenced by these photos.
Teeing off with a 4 hybrid.

Chipping onto the green.

I hate that my son didn't decide to spend every waking moment in the garden or stalking wild animals like me, but at least we will be outside together. I am just glad he found something to be passionate about.


  1. Don't give up hope yet, Gabe! He may come around to your way of thinking some time.

    At least he's interested in something outside, instead of living in the dark like my mushrooms, I mean kids, do most of the time.

  2. A boy needs an obsession, not just an interest but a fully blown obsession. Golf's not so bad, until you see the prices of the stuff in the pro shop. Yikes!!