Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The difference between me and modern hunters

I am a opportunistic Predator.  It is fairly simple as to why I come to this conclusion.
  1. I keep guns with me at all times
  2. I eat what I kill and what other hunters kill.
  3. If I see it and it is in season I kill it, skin it, grill it. Even if I wasn't hunting it at the time.
  4. I have received a call and dropped what I was doing to drive down the street and shoot a Ground Hog. ( I had it cleaned quartered and vacuum sealed in less than an hour) See Ground Hog recipe here.
  5. I never have the time or money to go on far away hunting trips.
  6. I somehow fill my freezer every year just by taking advantage of every opportunity.
I am not ashamed that I am not a "sportsman" but a hunter. I shoot does instead of waiting on rack bucks. I kill, skin, quarter, and grind to eat, no letting a processor do my dirty work for me. I enjoy this ritual because it connects me to my ancestors , the land, the animals, and my innate need to be self sufficient. I am not competing against other men to see who the best hunter is, I am making a living off the land. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Benefits of Eating Wild Game

From Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation

1. Many people grew up eating wild game meat. Now there is ample evidence of the healthful benefits of eating wild game. It is even becoming fashionable to do so as evidenced by the offerings of wild game in fine restaurants around the country.

2. In general, game meat is leaner than meat from domesticated animals. The amount of fat on game meat may have a slightly stronger taste, so you should remove it before cooking. For maximum tenderness, cook slowly – either braise in liquid, or roast and baste frequently.

3. Some game meat is higher in dietary cholesterol than domestic meats, but the combination of more lean body tissue, generally fewer calories, less saturated fat and significantly higher percentage of cholesterol-reducing polyunsaturated fatty acids makes game a heart-healthy choice.

4. Game meat also has a significantly higher content of EPA (Eico Sapentaenoic Acid, a type of omega 3 fatty acid, which is a good type of oil, often referred to as fish oil) than domestic meat. EPA is thought to reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis, one of the major causes of heart attack and stroke.

Nutrition Content of Game Meat

Mayo Clinic


Tips and Recipes


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