Thursday, October 16, 2008

No bow hunting in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got a comment from a fellow outdoorsman from across the pond claiming that bow hunting is illegal over there (How un-American). I can't imagine government telling me I can't feed my family by taking an animal with a traditional and effective weapon. I feel for my friend the suburban bushwhacker. If I were him I would start making plans to immigrate to the U.S.A. as soon as possible. I would like to recommend The Great State of Tennessee as a future home. limitless private and public hunting lands, liberal seasons and bag limits. low cost of living and plenty of opportunities to work. Did I mention freedom. Yeah I can take a cross-bow and kill a deer without breaking a law. Look me up if you decide to come, we recently started stocking Elk in the cumberland mountains. soon we'll be hunting them with bows. God bless America


  1. Well you never know i might even do that!

    Here our hunting laws go right back to feudal times when the right to hunt EVEN RABBITS was restricted to the elite.

    Rifle only for all kinds of deer in the UK, not even slug guns or muzzle loaders.

    Great blog
    good luck with your season

  2. It is funny how I take so much for granted. I really enjoy you blog not just for your writing but it is a resource for all blogs outdoors. thanks for the hard work. I will let you know when Elk hunting is allowed in East Tennessee. Good luck

  3. It is galling that I can hunt rabbits with an air rifle of shotgun, but not with a crossbow - I cannot imagine the reasoning, but it is very hard to ever get weapon laws relaxed over here.

  4. Excellent article. I believe that if more people tried bow hunting, they would be surprised how much fun this can be. I invite you and your readers to visit my new site, Silent Draw Outdoors. This is a new breed of hunting and outdoor adventure. Watch bow archery hunting videos of big game in North America.

  5. "I can't imagine government telling me I can't feed my family by taking an animal with a traditional and effective weapon."


    What else can we expect from corrupt governments that tax us 23% on earnings, 20% VAT on everything we buy, 80% on alcohol, even more on cigarettes, road tax, council tax, while they tell us how hard it is going to get with cut backs.

    Why wouldn't they remove any weapons?

    Why wouldn't they remove our ablility and right to live off the land we were born in?

    My father taught me how to make snares, nets and traps. He taught me what wild plants are safe to eat. These once common abilities of young men are all but lost now. I will hunt with a bow and take food from the land.

    Its ok for the rich to chase a fox with horses and a pack of dogs. But we can't dispatch a rabbit with a bow.

    We cant fish in rivers without a license and permit.

    Only the royal family may eat swans.

    If I find gold in the UK it belong to someone whose decendants invaded this country.

    I can believe anything they do, I live here :(

    And for all those people who say it might be a slow death or be painful for the poor little animal - See how your food is treat and dispatched before it reaches your plate. If you can't hunt for it and kill it yourself, then you don't deserve to eat it. It's ok so long as someone else kills, guts and disects the meat you conveniently and easily buy in a shop. You hypocrits!!!!

  6. I agree with anon. Government is just awful here in the uk. People who choose to have no job can make more money than hard working people because of benefits. I want to move to America as soon as I can.

  7. Any ways Americas great and all but do any of you guys do a bit of rabbit/ pheasant poaching with a bow? Or tried it at least??

  8. Wish I was in the USA , I Love the idea of hunting with a bow but its illegal in the UK and I live in Nottingham we should be proud of bow hunting !!!!!

  9. bow hunting in the UK should be legal. I for one when things turn in the UK will take to my bow to feed my family. first on the menu will be the Fat Cats to feed to the dogs that make these stupid laws.. It was once law that all men had to practice with a bow once a week and teach their sons how to use a bow. It is time we stood up for our rights over in the UK as it sucks the way it is.

  10. We hunt everything in the states with a bow. From squirrels to moose. I can't understand why you can't bow hunt in the UK and other areas. We have a lot of public land here that is only legal to hunt with a bow.

  11. I want bow hunting to be legal over here as well, but I wonder how I can help to make it happen.

  12. You could join the British Bowhunters Assoc - they are doing a good job, but I fear its going to be a very long journey. The most likely chance for legalisation is in an independent scotland where suburban Roe could be controlled.

  13. I'm a bow hunter, I live in the UK. I'll not admit to hunting with it in the UK, but I will say it is an ethical hunting medium especially rabbits. The impact is on a par with a .22 LR round, except there is little chance of the rabbit running off for a long lingering death.

  14. I hunt in UK with bow, just don't get caught. I believe it's are human rights globally. If I'm hungry and see a opportunity for a rabbit or squirrel, I'd rather take the opportunity and if I land in court, then I tell them I was hungry. Rather that than go hungry.

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