Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BooneCrockett 28

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why go Ranch

I want to preface this conversation by saying I am not Judging. I am completely in favor of everyone enjoying the outdoors the way they deem fun. What I am about to say should not be took as an insult but merely the thoughts and feelings of your friendly neighborhood Envirocapitalist.  Why in the world do people spend huge amounts of money to go on canned guaranteed shot hunts. I am at a loss of understanding. Pay someone to raise animals and manage them so you can show up eat breakfast, get in someone else's stand and wait for them to tell you which deer you should shoot. I have worked hard in recent years trying to understand the pride trophy hunter's take in antlers and most of these hunters tell me they are a symbol of the tireless work, knowledge, and skill that it took to take such a wary prey and I can understand that, I still have some medals from wrestling in my attic and a unsung hero award from football.  This however does not explain why the fastest growing segment of the hunting industry are these packaged hunts. What pride can be taken for someone else doing all the work for you including gutting and dragging the deer. I can see where our anti-hunting friends get the idea that hunting is just about the kill, but I still believe they are wrong. The kill is a necessary step in the process of natural organic meat procurement. don't get me wrong I do get a rush everytime I pull the trigger or let an arrow go but it is from the adrenaline that is always released in life and death situations. I think these hunters paying others to do all the work while they just pull the trigger is more of a function of lack of time and laziness. Every time I tell a would be trigger man that I process my own meat they either say, "man I wished I had time to do that", or "that sounds like to much work." Either way I think there is an innate urge to hunt that drives these modern day gentry to these exclusive ranches to buy their trophy that couches and T.V. have been unable to fully purge. I see it come out a little when I speak with excitement about a wonderful meal I have prepared with wild game. As much as these men of lodge hunting confuse me I have to admit that they are responsible for a large portion of the conservation efforts going on in the U.S. today through the tax dollars and license fees collected and the large tracts of land that is held privately for the wildlife to live. So even though I don't understand our great white hunters of the west, I salute them......... Your Pal the Envirocapitalist.