Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why kraut the hard way?

You might ask why a man would want to grow cabbage, pick it , then let it ferment for 2 months when he can buy sour kraut relatively cheap at the store. My answer is because I can. I have always gotten real enjoyment from fulfilling my own needs and not depending on others. The same reason that drives me to skin a deer, quarter it, debone everything north of the hams, cut steaks, grind burger, package tenderloin and neck roasts, only to prepare it into meals for my family. It is easier to buy from the store but I don't think the easy way is always the best way,  I am connected to my food and it helps me and my children understand life and death better. I think people live to much in the safe confines of the prepackaged lifestyle of today and it robs them of their ability to depend upon themselves and make logical conclusions about the world around them ( think Disney propaganda). so go make something yourself today even if it is just scratch biscuits so you can stand tall and say to the world " I have fed myself and I could survive on my own". well that may be taking it to far but you know what I mean.....Your pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Now that probably tastes better than what you buy in the store because you grew it and made it yourself.

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  2. It does feel good to "do-it-yourself". The sense of accomplishment when something you have done turns out well is very gratifying. I enjoy making a meal/dessert from scratch especially if my little brother would share some of his precious deer meat. heehehehee. :-)

  3. True, Gabe. Your reasons are as good as any I can think of, for doing anything: to enjoy it, to be connected, to better understand the world and your place in it.