Friday, November 19, 2010

8-point for dinner

In my area I am known for being a meat hunter.  Most hunter's in my area shoot bucks for a trophy and many know I don't buy meat but only eat wild game (because it is free).  So it was not out of the ordinary when a guy called me to offer me the deer he had shot that morning if I came and got it.  I left immediately and made my way to the fairly nice and very large house the guy had shot the deer from. After sawing the skull cap and antlers off (it was an eight pointer).   The trophy hunter and I threw the deer in the back of my truck . Even though he had Field dressed the dear it still weighed over 120 pounds and was still bleeding. I thanked him and headed to my old friend Little Ray's single wide (you guessed it... he is big) to cut it up. I went to Ray's because I live in a subdivision and most of my neighbors are so far removed from life, the real world, and self sufficiency that they are offended by a carcass even while they eat a hamburger. They will watch people on T.V. have affairs and abuse each other but heaven forbid if someone cuts up their own meat. with nothing but a pocket knife and a hatchet we had the deer cut into back straps, inner tenderloin, shoulders , and neck in fifteen minutes. Sadly the trophy hunter had shot the deer right through both hams (think ass) and ruined most of the meat back there but I was still happy with the meat I got for free. Ray and I said our goodbyes and planned to get together after we had downed a few more deer to grind some burger. As I drove off I thought to my self, "the circle of life continues, trophy hunter kills deer for wall mount and my family gets dinner". I have never understood trophy hunting but I am thankful for it, not only do I get a lot of free meat from these people but they pay for a lot of the conservation efforts in my state. I think everyone should kill the animal that they are going to eat at least once in their life to earn the right to eat it.  It makes you appreciate the meal more when the death of the animal is real to you. I doubt people would waste food the way they do if they had to get their hands dirty to get it. Your pal the Evirocapitalist.


  1. I've seen guys saw off the rack and let the meat spoil before they got around to doing anything with it. despite him not wasting the meat, I've still got a passel more respect for you than I do for that hunter.

  2. Interesting that you pull a positive from trophy hunting. I've never been able to but you have a credible point. Enjoy the free, God-given dinner!

    Happy Hunting!