Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Canoe

I make friends at work, But I don't usually go afield with them. I don't know why, I just have limited time and a group of good friends whom I would prefer to spend time in the bush with anyway. With that said one day I made and exception and took up a very excited co-worker on an offer to try out the new canoe his father had gotten him. We took it to to Melton Hill Lake.  I thought this was smart since I didn't know what kind of canoe it was and the calm placid waters of the lake would be ideal for any canoe even with my co-worker (who was a novice) at the helm.  We met at about nine in the morning in the parking lot and I notice the canoe looked like the nice shiny wooden ones you see hanging from a ceiling or on its end with books in it.  Sure enough we drug it out of the back of his truck and it was a decorative canoe and not a canoeing canoe. I didn't know what to say........... sometimes this guy is a know it all and I didn't want to start a fuss, so against my better judgement I let him launch it with catastrophic results. As I stood there in awe while my wet co-worker slung a six hundred dollar decorative canoe around the parking lot, stopping, cussing and yelling I couldn't help but thinking maybe I should have warned him. After a few uncomfortable moments we parted company, I am sure he swore off canoes and I know I swore off adventures with hot headed tenderfoots. your pal the Envirocapitalist.

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  1. Well, maybe you SHOULD have warned him, but would he have listened? Besides, what would today's post have been about if you had?