Friday, March 25, 2011

Update - late March

I am very excited for the upcoming turkey season because I have access to some private land this year. I hope to fill my four turkey bag this year to help fill my freezer. since I only put 3 deer in it this winter my meat reserves are low.  That means I need to catch more fish, kill more small game, and waste some turkeys to make up for the dreadful deer season. I will be hunting with my Savage/Stephens 12 gauge pump (old school), and despite the fact it is a modified choke and more suited to wing shooting it actually preforms nicely and I have up most confidence in it. I may play with some video of The "Hieskell Boys"  ( the group I grew up with and still hunt with) Turkey hunting to share with you all.  It is wet here so I still can't plow the garden, hope everyone out their is fairing well,  I plan on posting on a T.V. show I can actually watch called the wild within this weekend. Hope you can check it out Your Pal The Envirocapitalist.

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