Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am a predator. What about you?

I quote from Ecology Individuals, Populations and Communities By Begon, Harper, and Townsend the second edition. "Predation, put simply, is the consumption of one organism (the prey) by another organism (the predator), in which the prey is alive when the predator first attacks it." I think this is a fairly widely accepted definition and it puts me in the same category as the mountain lion, jaguar, and Bald Eagle. With that said, my favorite devastating carnivore is the.......... Box Turtle. Cute, unless you are a earthworm then he looks like the Grim Reaper. I think Disney has skewed the perception people have of nature. Eating other critters to survive does not make you mean like some cartoons insinuate. It just makes you part of the circle of life. I am no worse than a box turtle. My worms just say MOO.


  1. Box Turtles are death on mushrooms too! They are my favorite tortoise.

    And you are correct that Disney's anthropomorphizing animals has done more to separate us from the natural world, than almost anything else.

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  2. That is too funny. My worms say, 'quack'.

  3. You crack me up! Few people would ever pick the box turtle, but they are too cute!! And you're right, predation is a simple concept; it's amazing how easily people can skew it.

  4. Disney definitely lives in its own little world. That being said, though, they have definitely created a perception of animals that is skewed.....a lot!

    I just found a few baby box turtles in my brother's yard. They were honestly cute, although to a worm, like you said, they probably look like the Grim Reaper.