Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hunter's Code?

(1.) Obey the game laws. (2.) Be adequately armed for the game you are hunting. (3.) Respect the rights of the property owner. (4.) Extend courtesy to your fellow hunter. (5.) Aim only for a clean kill.(6.) Pass on these ethics to younger hunters. Here is the hunter's code I display at the bottom of my blog, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it. Am I missing anything, is this sufficient, do you have your own code for whatever outdoor activity you participate in. I wait Breathless........


  1. Breathless,

    Here is mine:
    "Claim the privilege of hunting according to the dictates of your own conscience, and allow all hunters the same privilege; let them practice how, where, or what they may."

    I think yours also says pretty much all that need be said.

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  2. Enviro - props to you for taking this one, I respect that much! My only comment would be perhaps to reframe #5. I think all hunters aim for a clean kill, but when they don't get one the problem ususally is that they shouldn't have taken the shot because od sitance to the target, obstructions, etc. My thought would be to rephrase it to state that part of the hunters code is to only take a shots on animals that are in effective gunning range and without obstruction. IMO it's not the wishful aiming that causes a bad shot, but rather the wishful thinking of what we think we can do. Thanks for the offer to comment!

  3. I would add

    "work to educate others about hunting and the benefits of hunting whenever possible"

    or something along that line.

    I think education is so important, particularly today.

  4. Thanks for the edit Albert, I like what you guys are saying but I am a little dissapointed that no one chimed in about other outdoor activities and any code they may employ