Saturday, November 17, 2007

Zoo Day

Today the kids and I went to the zoo. It was nice, Maybe a little cold but we had a good time. The odd thing was that the star of the day for my children was not an elephant or red panda. In the parking lot there was a gray squirrel on top of some trash cans. he sat nervously as my children made squirrel sounds at him (or at least what they believe are squirrel sounds). Then as quick as a shot he disappeared into the trash can and returned with a cracker which he preceded to eat. My kids talked about it for hours. I then took them to my meat processor (Crawford's Farm meats) which is the best in East Tennessee if you ask me. The amount of burger they got out of that little spike buck was amazing. I have already laid out some tenderloin for tomorrow night. I think it is important that children know where food comes from. That's right little johnny that hamburger is a cow or at my house a deer. As the family gets ready for bed all I can think about is going to the woods to find the next batch of meat to feed my family.

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