Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Broke down

The radiator on my truck busted today leaving me with no transportation or money until after the holiday. This means no hunting this weekend most likely. I saw a flock of 20 plus turkey in a big cow pasture at the end of Farmall rd. in maynardville today but was unable to secure any hunting privileges. It reminds me of the success TWRA has had with wild turkey in Tennessee. I have disagreed with a lot of things that the agency has done but I cannot argue with the shear numbers of turkey roaming around East Tennessee now. It used to be a special thing to see some turkeys just 10 years ago, now I see them almost everyday. being outside all the time is something I love about doing environmental work. I left work early today because of the truck breaking down but don't worry I was able to make the best of it by raking leaves and playing in the pile with the kids. They Know how to have fun.

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