Sunday, November 18, 2007

day dreaming

I have not gotton to go afield much recently. my wife has had to work evenings and weekends while I work during the day so that one of us are always with our children. I am not a big believer in daycare. I still day dream about hunting and hopefully over the holiday I will be able to steal a couple of hours to sit over my favorite trail in Jacksboro. It will take more than one deer to feed my family this year. I am still looking forward to the annual camping trip I take with the guys to big south fork usually at the end of January. We do a lot of hiking and hunting(usually hogs are in season plus what ever small game we can find)but mainly we camp. in the middle of nowhere as far away from civilization as possible. The group of guys I go with have been my friends most of my life. They are a rough bunch but some of the best woodsmen you will ever meet. We enjoy acting like pioneers. I can't wait to blog about whatever happens this year. In the past mother nature always has something for us from the wildlife to snow storms and of course there was the year that a drunken member of the party decided to chainsaw a tree down in the middle of the night. In the middle of camp of course. It should be exciting as ever and I can't wait.

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