Saturday, March 07, 2009

Should of sat still

Muzzleloader season in Tennessee is the first time you get a crack at bucks and does with a gun. I had made the pilgrimage to Jackson Co. In hopes to score on opening day. All I had with me was my pack a Knight wolverine muzzleloader and a warm jacket. I had started up the western ridge at daylight climbing a couple of hundred feet in elevation before finding a bench field and a dry pond. That is where I began still hunting around the inside of the ridge line. Three steps stop, look, listen, and wait. I did this all day jumping two does and enjoying the early fall weather. I eventually came full circle back to the bench Field below the dry pond where I found this fresh rub.
Should of sat still at the dry pond..........


  1. I've come to realize that the only time I stalk hunt is late in the season or when I'm hunting new property that I haven't scouted out completely. Staying put is usually the best technic and doesn't spread your scent around the woods your hunting for the next few days.

  2. I guess you should have. That is one nice rub right there.

    Man, how I miss deer hunting already. Only 6 more months to go.