Thursday, March 26, 2009

movie Reviews "Alone in the wilderness"

I recently watched a video titled "Alone in the wilderness" . It chronicled the first year a man named Richard (Dick) Proenneke spent alone at Twin Lakes Alaska. I was surprised how entertaining I found this video since it was more of a video diary than a film and was shot on an 8mm back in 1968. It is the ultimate tale of self reliance, he not only builds his own cabin but he does it with tools he fashioned himself. The film intrigued me so that I have checked the book based on Mr. Proenneke's journals out of my local library. I highly recommend this to anyone who is fascinated by true wilderness and how a man can live in it on his own terms. Learn more about the man at


  1. Thanks Enviro - that looks very interesting. Wonder if they have it at NetFlix.

  2. My dad called me one night to tell me PBS was running the show. I was amazed by the man's aptitude and abilities!

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  3. I saw bits and pieces of this on PBS. It was quite fascinating.