Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't know what to read? I have the answer!

Where I live the only blogs I could find to read were about politics, the BIG ORANGE, or just what somebody is thinking about current affairs. So I searched and searched for blogs about the outdoors ( because that's what I like). I finally found one by a guy across the pond. (Suburban Bushwacker) It was fun to read but it also led me to the Outdoor Bloggers Summit, a clearing house of every type of person conducting many different types of outdoor activities. I had hit a gold mine. I still have not read all the blogs on the OBS blog roll. I do like the extra traffic it has brought to my site getting feed back is great and I love hearing what people think about my writing, even though I have a long way to go. I originally started blogging as an exercise to improve my ability to communicate via the written word, something I think we lack today and probably will never return to the eloquence of our founding fathers. with that said, the greatest gift I have received by being part of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit is having a never ending reading list. My family and I are in and out of the library daily dropping off and picking up but the blog roll at the OBS has become my supplement to the library connecting me to experts and beginners in various outdoor endeavours giving me an insight I never had before. I am sure the OBS is destined for great things, but as long as it keeps giving me an ever expanding resource to the outdoors I will be happy. I Think of it as a campfire in my computer that I can come sit at any time and listen to a tale or spin one myself. If you have not visited the OBS yet.......what's your excuse, I only linked to it six times in this post.
Sincerely The Envirocapitalist


  1. I agree, the never-ending list of outdoor activites, ideas, tips, and stories is great! I love reading, but it's especially wonderful reading from people who share a similar passion!

  2. Funny thing is I cant remember where I first saw your blog. It was the name that struck me, and I've been reading ever since

  3. The SBW seems to have led a lot more people our way than I knew. Thank you for writing this post. I appreciate the support and help in getting the word out.

    I'm with you in that I love the variety of blogs on our blogroll. It's marvelous to be able to read such great work at the click of a mouse.