Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deer Season

Trophy shot by sportsman and eaten by Envirocapitalist.

It is that time again in East Tennessee, opening day of deer season. Many hunter's will take to the woods with bows in their hands.  If successful a hunter can expect (after processing )at least 40lb plus  of meat to store in the freezer.  I have found that it takes 7 small does to feed my family a year but recently that has been unnecessary.   Not only do not have the time to hunt enough to kill seven deer but I have found so many people willing to just give their deer to me that I could probably never hunt again and have plenty of meat.  It is so odd at times that they act as though I am doing them a favor by removing their "unwanted meat".  I cannot understand since it is the tenderloin that drives me to wake up early and chase these creatures around steep ridges.  It is like buying chicken quarters at the store and not eating them because it is to much trouble to cut them up and cook them.  I will always be careful not to offend my "sportsman friends" who don't eat deer but still hunt them because I am slowly becoming dependent on their kills. I only shot one deer last year and that was a miracle considering how little I hunted.  With that said I will now adjourn to my man cave to pack my bolts and sharpen my butcher knife in anticipation of success in the field, Your pal the Envirocapitalist.


  1. Folks who don't eat the animals they kill should be hunting with a camera in the first place. Don't worry, though; I won't tell your friends and blow a good thing for you! (Unless I just did. ;-) )

  2. Here the Fallow rut is starting - or would be if it wern't now hotter than at any time in what was laughably called a summer.