Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steven Rinella hits the nail on the head.

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Every once and a while someone comes along and speaks your mind better than you do.  As is the case for Steven Rinella, who puts into words what most hunters wished they could voice and he does it in an entertaining and authoritative way.  Even though he has only written two books, (American Buffalo : In Search of A Lost Icon and The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine) He is one of my all time favorite outdoor writer's. 
          One of  his articles entitled " Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt" which I believe to be a must read for anyone struggling with the ethics of hunting, made me kick myself for not being able to verbalise any of these points to some of my outdoor compatriots who struggle with the life and death aspects of hunting.  Both books and numerous articles I read seem to really hit the nail on the head and left me craving for more of Mr. Rinella.  His love affair with the obtaining and preparing of wild foods really speaks to me. This lead me to his T.V. Show The Wild Within on the Travel Channel.  It focused as much on the skinning and cooking of the game as it did on the chase, which I believe is a major part of the hunt and sadly missing from conventional hunting shows. After devouring all five episodes I realized it didn't appear to be coming on anymore. As heart broken as I was, Mr. Rinella appears to still be writing so I digress since I enjoy the written word over television any way. He has written several other articles, of which I can safely say you will not be wasting time by following this link and reading a while. I recommend his work highly and I am sure you will enjoy what I hope becomes an outdoor voice for my generation, your pal the Envirocapitalist.

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  1. Good post, Gabe.

    I think it's telling that Rinella's show is on the Travel Channel, not the Outdoor Channel. I think that says something both about the American public's increasing curiosity about hunting, and about Rinella's ability to articulate vital truths concerning the hunt.