Friday, January 30, 2009

A Nuge influence

Ted Nugent has not been a political or musical role model to me, however his passion and love for independence and an outdoor way of life sends chills down my spine. Hearing him belt out "back strap fever" from a tree stand on the outdoor channel made me believe he wasn't just another trophy hunting T.V. host but a true outdoorsman who understands conservation ( taking does out of a population is necessary). And that he understands that taking an animal's life is not just sport but necessary if one intends to eat it. I despise people who call themselves sportsman but don't eat deer (or what ever they choose to hunt). That catch fish only to release them. I call catch and release torture. I call keeping the fish to feed my family fishing. Ted gets excited about the culinary aspect of being self-sufficient enough to retrieve his own dinner from the wilds and cook it up. It is a good feeling to rely on no one but yourself for food. For those out there that only know the Motor City Madman from his Rock and Roll or his many appearances on T.V. defending the NRA, you must watch his show "The spirit of the Wild", listen to his song about Fred Bear, or simply read his books ; Kill it and Grill it, or Blood Trails I and II and you will become a fan of the Nuge. I wish I could derail this Anti-hunting friendly sportsman movement that apologizes for killing animals. They use words like harvest instead of kill. I don't know about you guys, but I have never harvested squirrels but I sure have killed and skinned a lot of them. In one of the most ridiculous moments on T.V. I have ever seen, Jimmy Houston a famous fisherman and T.V personality tried to sell the Idea of hunt and release. He scouted , Climbed a tree stand, and when the deer walked by he said Bam got him, but did not shoot. I hate to tell Jimmy but he didn't get anything. He should really take up hiking and photography if that is what he wants to do. For myself I would pay money to see Ted Nugent kick Jimmy Houston's a** on pay per view. Got to go, my wife just finished putting the final touches on some deer tenderloin and if I don't get to the table the kids will eat it all. Just remember we are still part of the circle of life, I eat deer and earthworms will one day eat me.

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