Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We can all be angels

I have a neighbor who lost her husband and her son to sudden death and lives alone making her quite the busy body. Even though the lady irritates me by having her nose in everyone's business in the cul-de-sac I found myself compelled to cross the street and help her one day as she struggled with a bush she was trying to remove from next to her porch. She thanked me over and over, told me about loosing her son, and while I was trying to leave I felt the need to say something nice back to her since she was bragging on me so much. I said "I appreciate you keeping an eye on my kids when they are outside" or something like that it really meant nothing to me. Two years later for some unknown reason while I was having some trials in my life, and whining about them every chance I got, again I saw the lady raking leaves in her yard and decided to help her. So with the excuse of wanting the leaves for a leaf pile for the kids I proceeded to remove the leaves with a rake and a tarp. After some small talk she surprised me by saying that the words I said to her two years ago had saved her life, that when she felt alone and useless my comment made her believe she could have purpose again. She said I was her angel that day. Wow I thought, God works in mysterious ways. He not only used me to help the lady through a difficult time but helped me to realize how trivial my problems are. It seems angels come in all shapes and sizes even short surly outdoorsmen. Sometimes you touch other people without even knowing it.
Merry Christmas

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  1. Good work

    A very happy crimbo to you and yours, and my very best wishes for 09