Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I only feel free in the woods

My home state of Tennessee is abuzz with talk of the debate tonight in Nashville between two men looking to use the power of government to "Give" stuff to people or to fix all our problems by spending money we don't have on more programs we don't need. I have now realized that Americans no longer want to be free because they might fail and have to suffer. they would rather demand others (the government) insure there future. The only problem with that is that we can't afford as a nation to take care of everybody. I have mentioned before that I love to do multi-day hikes because of the sense of independence and self-reliance it brings me. I do not understand why people don't crave that in everyday life, It seems natural to me. I have heard conservatives say they wish they had another Ronald Reagan. I say he did nothing to change the tide of state dependent, lazy, helpless people. He simply cut taxes and grew government, just at a slower rate. I wish we had another Thomas Jefferson, I get chills when I read his first inaugural address he made in 1801. You will not hear anything resembling any of Jefferson's beliefs tonight at the debate just more promises to take care of us since that seems to be what Americans want. Everybody wants something from the government, either "free" health insurance or to punish gays with legislation. I am saddened by politics I guess I had better plant a garden, and go hunting.

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