Thursday, June 19, 2008

Capstick Haters

One true joy in my life has been living out high adventure in Africa through the pen of the late Peter Capstick. Books such as Death in the Long Grass grabbed my attention and kept me turning pages. Capstick described outdoor experiences in an entertaining manner I could understand. He also gave voice to my belief that the best way to save a species from extinction was to give it value. People pay alot of money to go on safari and that money is used for conservation. I have recently read some blogs that say he stretched the truth. It always tickles me when someone who was not there wants to pretend to be an expert on what someone else did. I don't care if he took creative liscense, I enjoy his writings. One example I saw used by an arm chair expert was that Capstick over played the danger posed by Hippos. All I have to say to that is why don't you fly to Africa and pet a Hippo on the head then call me. God bless you Mr. Capstick, you are sorely missed in a time where the articles written by so called sportsmen remind me more of a P.E.T.A flyer than a hunting story. If Mr. Capstick was alive now he would be ashamed to see hunters writing apology pieces instead of extolling the virtues of a good stalk.

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